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Car Retailers and Dealerships often use misleading selling practices, promoting fake leather seats with unclear labeling. Has this happened to you?

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Is it Leather?

Car dealerships often use deceptive selling practices to promote cheaply made, synthetic plastic seats as real leather.

Why You Should Care

Car dealerships often sell cars with fake leather (plastic based) seats and it’s at your expense as a consumer. Plastic seats often reduce the resale value of your car. They may look nice at first but have been known to wear quickly as they are not as durable and do not provide the luxury experience of real leather seats.

And Worst of All

Car dealerships often use confusing labels making it unclear to consumers whether they are receiving real leather when they buy a car

Protect Yourself

Make sure you get the real leather you deserve by asking for proof. Real leather requires real proof.

Common terms to watch out for

Common brand names of fake leather
that may be in your car includes:

Did You Know?

That’s right, leather is often a secondary byproduct of the food industry that feeds the world’s population. Leftover cowhides that would otherwise be wasted in landfills are instead upcycled to create beautiful leather products.

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Get the Truth

The purpose of this campaign is to bring TRUTH to the automotive industry. As consumers, we deserve to know what we are buying. Unfortunately, the truth is being hidden when automotive companies and retailers promote synthetic plastic products as real leather.

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Genuine Leather

Synthetic Plastic Alternatives

Definition "Leather"

“Hide or skin with its original fibrous structure more or less intact”

Essentially, if the material does not come from an animal, it is not leather. And if the material has been shredded and glued back together, it is not leather.

Where's the Tag?

  • Our “Where’s The Tag” campaign is how we are bringing truth and transparency back into the automotive industry. Consumers from around the world are asking their automotive retailers for proof that the car they are purchasing has real leather by asking them “Is this seat real leather?” and “Where’s the Tag?” for proof.
  • Our goal is for car manufacturers to include a stamped “Genuine Leather” certification tag that is placed around the headrest of the car. This will help bring transparency and honesty to the automotive industry.
Genuine Leather Car Tag

How to Avoid Being Deceived

Whether you have already had an encounter with fake leather or are hoping to avoid being deceived  in the future, we are here to help guide you through the car buying process. It’s as easy as…

  • Tell your car retailer that you want real leather.

    State that you want genuine leather, not plastic or blend alternative. Make it clear that you have done your research and know the difference.

  • Don't be misinformed.

    Be direct. Don't be duped into buying cheap plastic when you came for genuine leather. You deserve luxury.

  • Ask for proof.

    There is only one way to ensure you are getting real leather. Always ask "Where's the tag?".

Frequently Asked Questions

Stories From People Who Have Had Negative Experiences With Fake Leather

    We had problems with the "leather" in my wife's Toyota Camry Hybrid. The car had less tan 16,000 miles and just under 4 years old on a 8 year extended warranty. The thin layer of foam between the "leather" and the hard foam had bunched up and was causing the finish to wear off the "leather". I took it to the dealer and was informed it was not covered. The stuff Toyota calls "leather" is junk.

    James Resseguie

      I asked Toyota McCarthy Durban North to change seats from fabric to black leather before I took ownership of the car. Later I noticed it started to peel off, then I realized it was not leather. I took the car to the dealership - his response was it only carries a 3-year warranty, after I told him it was a fraud, he then phoned the supplier and said to them it was not normal wear and arranged for them to see the car and directed me to the supplier who fitted the leather seats. His response was "it is plastic and they did not cover the seats."

      R. Moodley

        The number of times a Mercedes owner thinks they have full leather when it's full vinyl is quite shocking! I think it's likely that more automakers will be exposed for this in the coming years. Like you, I'm surprised by the number of car owners who are misled to believe that their interiors are premium leather when that's just not the case.

        G. Judd

          99% of my customers are surprised when I tell them most leather seats are not all leather, but a matching vinyl on the sides and back. Just had a Subaru come by today and most of the seats except fo a couple of panels on top and bottom were Vinyl.

          Carolina Auto Dealership

            Most interiors by Japanese, Korean, USA, and German manufacturers contain faux leather. To name a few vehicles which carry faux leather: the Mercedes Benz Artico Interior, BMW 3 series, VW, and Landrover.


              The term “Vegan Leather” always makes me laugh… Isn’t that a contradiction of itself? Hahahaha Reply – Yup. (Vegan Leather) Definitely is a contradiction. Its vinyl with fancy branding at best.

              Rodger Pisani & Nadeem Muaddi

                No Cattle is slaughtered for its hide. Real leather is the oldest recycling product of mankind and vegan leather is nothing but PU or PVC plastic crap. As long as we eat meat there is no alternative for real leather.


                  Animals are not killed to make leather! Leather is a byproduct from the meat / dairy industry. Have it clear in your head, if the hides from the meat industry are not tanned to make leather there will be a huge environmental problem of hundreds of thousands of hides that will end up in landfills, instead of being recycled into a beautiful long-lasting product which is real leather! Vegan Leather = plastic which is a lot more harmful to the environment than true real leather.


                    The issue is that people believe all the internet has to say whether it is true or not. Vegan Leather is made from fossil fuel and it is not environmentally friendly. Leather is a product that has been used for thousands of years and has always been and always will be a by product of the meat industry. The issue is that people do not look for facts any more, they look for trends and the belief that the car companies care about anything else other than profit or image is a big misunderstanding that the car companies are quite happy to allow as they are making a lot more money. The truth is that leather has always been better than the alternatives and always will be.


                      There is absolutely no animal products in vegan leather. It is a polyurethane coated fabric. Totally man-made and sensitive to solvent based products.

                      Tom Hatfield


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