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We advocate for natural leather and its many benefits as a premium and luxurious material. Our campaign includes educating consumers, providing transparency, and highlighting the confusion caused by fake leather alternative products.

We strive to help safeguard consumers’ ability to make an informed purchase through our global leather educational campaign. We encourage consumers to do their own research and request transparent labelling of the products that they purchase.

Vegan & PU Leather

The Confusion with Synthetic Alternatives to Leather

Faux leather and similar technologies are commonly promoted under names such as “Vegan Leather” or “PU Leather,” which are confusing and often lead to a lack of clarity for consumers, according to the Leather and Hide Council of America. This consumer confusion is highlighted by the data to the right.

Of consumers believe “Vegan Leather” contains animal hide. Consumers deserve transparent labeling of authentic leather and fake leather goods!
0 %
Of consumers believe that plastic-based “PU Leather” products are at least partly made from an animal hide.
0 %

Why Should You Care?

Leather is a natural product that comes from the hide of an animal. The word “leather” should not be used to confusingly promote a synthetic alternative product.

Consumers deserve transparent labeling!

Imitation leather goods are sometimes sold in a manner that confuses or misleads buyers. It is even possible that consumers may pay a premium price for what they believe to be authentic leather when it is actually synthetic. Whether buying a car, furniture, a pair of shoes, or any other supposed “leather” product, you should know precisely what you are purchasing! Authentic leather provides high levels of quality, durability, breathability, and value that are unlikely to be replicated by a man-made material.

Where’s The Label?

As part of this “Is It Leather?” campaign, we strive to educate consumers worldwide through our global advertising and website. We aim to set the standard for best practices and help raise awareness of the differences between authentic and fake leather, inspiring consumers to question fast fashion and insist on transparency.

You can help us by requesting transparent labeling when you shop for authentic leather products. Ask your retail for proof that the material used is natural leather by asking, “Where’s the label?” Learn more about the various sectors of the leather industry below.

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Automotive Leather Industry
Shoe Leather Industry
Apparel & Accessories Industry
Furniture & Upholstery Industry
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