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Pee-Ew! The Shocking Environmental Impact of PU Leather (and Everything Else You Need to Know)

Table of Contents An Introduction to PU Leather Some consumers have looked to faux leather an as alternative to real leather for a number of reasons, ranging from a commitment to practicing veganism to concern for the environment. There is lots of hype about faux leathers and lots of confusion as well. What is PU …

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How Do Faux Leather Fabrics Compare to Real Leather?

Just over 100 years ago,

the first faux leather was made at a rubber plant in Connecticut. Since then, various manufacturers have introduced a variety of faux leathers. Less expensive than real leather, they have made their way into a wide range of industries. Recently, there has been renewed interest in faux leather because many people believe that it is friendlier to the environment and better in other ways than real leather. But is that really true?

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What is Fake Leather and How Does it Compare to Real Leather?

Should You Choose Fake Leather over Real Leather Because You Think it is More Eco-Friendly?
When artificial leather was first introduced in the United States as Naugahyde in 1920, it had a pretty bad rap because of its cheap looks and resemblance to plastic. First used for handbags, it didn’t come close to having the beautiful properties of real leather.

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Everything You Need to Know About Leather

Leather is part of our everyday lives.
That’s why leather manufacturing is such a huge industry: approximately 1.4 billion animal hides were used in global leather production in 2020. That’s equivalent to one animal for every 5 humans on the planet! The result is the production of over 20 billion square feet of leather annually.

Why “Vegan Leather” is Misleading Marketing

What is “Vegan Leather?” “Vegan Leather” is an alternative synthetic material that mimics leather. It is often created from artificial plastics or other materials, as opposed to the hide of an animal. Where is “Vegan Leather” Found? “Vegan Leather” products have become commonplace in the automotive seating industry, the shoe industry, the fashion industry, the …

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What Is “Upcycling?” – The Sustainability of Leather

What is “Upcycling?” According to “Upcycling” is the process of recycling (or reusing) something in such a way to create an object of greater value than the original discarded object. How Does “Upcycling” relate to leather? Animals are NOT typically killed to make leather. In the world of modern leather manufacturing, most leather comes …

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The Sustainability of Leather vs Vegan Alternatives – Choose Responsibly

Background Info Sustainability is an often-discussed topic as people around the world are prioritizing and promoting living sustainable and environmentally responsible lifestyles. The word sustainability is more than just a clichéd buzzword as its impact may have lasting effects on the world, we live in. The sustainability movement has grown considerably, and consumers are now …

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