Apparel Industry

Fashion is a multibillion-dollar global industry involved in the business of making and selling clothes. It encompasses the design, manufacturing, distribution, marketing, selling, advertising, and promotion of apparel of all types, from everyday clothing to haute couture.

The Problem

There’s a growing demand among consumers for clothing to be
environmentally friendly, both in the components it is made of and during the manufacturing process. But some companies engage in “greenwashing,” a practice that companies use to appear more sustainable than they actually are. This can be done by making false claims or being intentionally vague with facts.

The word “Leather” should NOT be used to promote synthetic alternative products

Our Goal

Our goal is for apparel and accessories manufacturers to transparently label the materials used in the clothing they sell. Both real leather and synthetic leather should be clearly and accurately labeled. To help us achieve this goal, we are asking consumers around the world to inspect the label whenever they are shopping for clothing. 

By doing so, we hope that consumers will help us drive meaningful change in order to create a more transparent marketplace in the apparel industry.

Be Aware of Specific Fake Leather Product Names

Some of the specific names for fake leather materials used in making clothing include:

Artificial Leather
Imitation Leather
PU Leather
PVC Leather
Vegan Leather
Faux Leather

Be direct and up front

Ask the clothing vendor what material was used.

Ask for proof

When shopping for clothes, always check the label. If it’s real leather, the label will read, “100% real leather,” “genuine leather,” or “full/top grain leather.” If the label says “man-made material,” it’s synthetic, and probably made from polyurethane (PU) or polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

Still Not Clear?

If you’re still not sure, put it back on the rack! There’s plenty of clothing choices out there!

Vegan Leather

While vegan leather is often a name given to any type of fake leather, true vegan leather mimics real leather but does not contain any animal products. In fact, it’s not leather at all – it’s a synthetic material mixed with plant fibers to look like animal leather.

The problem is that a wide variety of chemicals and fossil fuels are used to make vegan leather, many of which are harmful to both people and the environment. But even vegan leather made from pineapple leaf fibers, mushrooms, apple skins or grapes have a polyurethane (PU) coating, which are used to make the product more durable.

The label “vegan leather” leads people to believe that it is an environmentally friendly alternative to cowhide, but the materials used to make it are not always sustainable.


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