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Many cars sold today are sold with fake leather seats and consumers are often under the impression that these seats are real leather.

The Problem

Many cars sold today are sold with fake leather seats and interiors. Unfortunately, consumers are often under the impression that these seats are made with real leather.

This creates a problem, because it often leads consumers to believe they are buying real leather, when they are actually getting a synthetic seating material. This lack of clarity likely comes from the confusing terms for fake leather and the often-misleading marketing names fake leather materials are given. When you invest in an expensive purchase such as a car, you deserve to know exactly what you are buying!

Leather and Synthetic Alternative Products Should Always be Accurately Labeled

Our Goal

Our goal is for car dealers to transparently label the materials used in the cars they sell. Both real leather and synthetic leather seats should be clearly and accurately labeled. To help us achieve this goal, we are asking consumers around the world to ask dealers, “where’s the label?” whenever they are shopping for a car. By doing so, we hope that consumers will help us drive meaningful change in order to create a more transparent marketplace.

Common Faux Leather Terms

General examples of terms used to refer to fake leather include:

Faux Leather
Vegan Leather
PU Leather
Artificial Leather
Imitation Leather
Man-Made Leather
Synthetic Leather

Be Aware of Specific Fake Leather Product Names

Cars are often sold with fake leather seats and interiors. Some of the specific names used for fake leather seats in the automotive industry include:

Alcantera (faux suede)
Ultrasuede (faux suede)

Be direct and up front

Make it known that you only want real leather.

Ask for proof

When looking at a car, ask your salesperson for proof that it is real leather.

Check the window stickers

Check the window stickers and watch out for any fake leather or confusing branded names. If the material name sounds confusing or shady, it should raise your antenna.

Still Not Clear?

At this point, it should be fairly obvious whether or not the material in the car is real leather. If you still can’t tell, we recommend finding a more transparent automotive dealer.

Real Leather vs
Synthetic vs Cloth Car Interior?

Ultimately, each consumer will have their own preferences regarding seating options in cars.

There is a reason that leather increases resale value on cars and has long been viewed as the luxury seating option. It is because it is desired by consumers. While there are certain circumstances where consumers may prefer an alternative material, that is their choice, and we respect the right of consumers to choose the material that best suits their needs.

However, consumers should know what they are purchasing and should never be under a false impression due to confusing or misleading selling and labelling.


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